Dental Implants

Dental implant is said to be the gold standard when it comes to replacing a tooth. While different treatments are being offered such as bridges and dentures, implants became popular due to its many advantages over the two options. Its permanence and the way it gives a more natural look, are the topmost reasons why you should look for a family dentistry clinic near you and experience the treatment. Implants serve as an option for those who have lost a tooth, due to a disease or injury. It is an artificial tooth which provides foundation in order to fix your teeth. Dental implants can be either on the bone or inside the bone. Implant inside the bone is for patients with bridges or removable dentures. However, on the bone implant is advisable for those who have minimal bone height or cannot wear dentures. The dentist will have to check if the bones in your jaw are adequate enough to support the implant. Yes, this is where healthy gums comes in handy. A good oral hygiene is a prerequisite

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