Non-Extraction Orthodontics

Non-Extraction Orthodontics is the straightening of a person s teeth without extraction or removal of any permanent teeth. It is an alternative method of treatment that allows a patient to retain all of his or her teeth while having the teeth straightened.Many times, teeth appear too large for a person s jaw. We believe it is not the teeth that are too large, rather it is the jaw that is too small for the teeth. This often results in crowded , or buck teeth —Non-Extraction Orthodontics corrects these crowded (or protrusive ) conditions by developing the jaw to accommodate all permanent teeth, thereby eliminating the need for extractions.Since 1974, Dr. Steven Sue has been utilizing functional appliances (retainers) to develop or to expand the jaw in adults and children, creating sufficient space for straight teeth to grow. Treating severe protrusions without extraction. Full treatment time two years:  No extractions required, full, broad smile, improved bite, strong handsome face a

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